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英语作文一直是小学生英语学习中的一个难题,尤其是对六年级的学生来说,面对升学考试的压力,多背英语作文就非常有必要。今天小编就给大家分享一下小学六年级英语作文,优秀话题作文锦集。 1…



1. 根据给出的材料,写一写Mike这个周末的活动计划。



read a magazine,go to zoo;

buy a book,do kungfu,watch TV;

Mike’s weekend

Mike is a student. He is my good friend. He is busy at the weekend. He is going to read a magazine this Saturday morning. He is going to go to the zoo this  Saturday afternoon. He is going to buy a book this Sunday morning. He is going to doKungfu this Sunday afternoon. He is going to watch TV this Sunday evening.

2. 要求:写一封介绍你一家的电子邮件给Jay  65个单词左右;

Hello Jay
I am very happy to be your friend. There are four people in my family. They are my parents my sister and I. My father is the oldest and the tallest. He can drive a car. He is a doctor. My mother is a factory worker. She works hard. My sister is a student. She is the best in her class. My hobby is playing basketball. My sister and I go to school on foot.
I have a happy family. What about you?
Bye- bye.

3. 描写你的周末生活,注意用一般现在时。

My Weekend

I have happy weekend.
On Saturday morning I always have English classes at school. I study hard in the classroom. In the afternoon I often play computer games. On Sunday morning I often draw pictures. Sometimes I visit my grandmother and grandfather. Sometimes I listen to music. On Sunday afternoon I often do housework or go shopping.
So I love weekends.

4. 写一个你最喜爱的人,请对他/她进行一定的外貌描写。

My Favorite People

Who is your favorite people? My favorite people is my mother. She is beautiful. She is 38 years old. She is tall and thin. She has big eyes and long hair. She likes cooking. She cooks good meals for us every day. And she always does all the housework. She looks after my father and me. I love my mother very much.

5. 请以你所在的学校“育英小学”描写你的学校。

My School

I study at Yuying Primary School. My school is very big and beautiful. There are three buildings and a playground. There are many trees and flowers. My classroom is very big and bright. There are 60 students in it. They study hard and always help with each other. Our teachers are very nice and smart. I like my school.

6. 请写一个你最喜爱的季节,要写出你喜欢的原因。

My favorite season

My favorite season is summer. It’s hot in summer. There is a summer vacation in summer. I don’t go to school. I think many children like this season because they can eat ice-cream and go swimming. I can go swimming. Sometimes I go to the beach with my parents. Sometimes I go to the swimming pool with my friends. I usually visit many places in summer vacation.

7. 描写一种你最喜爱的动物,要对它进行外形描写。

My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is rabbit. Its name is Sweet. Sweet has long ears. It’s very small. It’s white.  It has a short tail. It has red eyes. It likes eating carrots. It likes jumping. It goes jumping three times a day. I like it very much. It’s lovely. It’s my best friend. I like the rabbit.

8. 寒假很快就要到了,请你为你的寒假写一个计划。快点把你的计划写出来吧!

My Winter Holiday

It’s January. My winter holiday is coming. I am going to go to Thailand. I will go there by plane. I like the food in Thailand. It’s spicy and tasty. In the winter holiday I am going to play basketball. I am going to paint pictures too. I will help my mother do some housework. I will be very happy in my winter holiday.

9. 同学们,你一定有很多的爱好,请你写一个你的爱好,字数不少于60个单词。

My hobby

My hobby is collecting stamps. There are many stamps in my room. I like stamps very much. There are many things on the stamps. They are colorful and beautiful. After school I usually go to the post office and there are many people there. I learn a lot from collecting stamps. I like collecting stamps very much.

10. 请以“Learning English Language”为题,谈一谈自己为什么要学习英语。

Learning English Language

I love learning english languages.  Because English is the most widely spoken language in the world it is used by countries all over the world. For example if you want to find a nice job you probably need to be good at English and when you surf on the Internet you’ll see many dialogues and keywords in English. If you don’t know them then you’ll have to spend a lot of time looking them up in an English dictionary. Therefore we must try harder to learn English and improve our English and we could learn more besides.All in all it’s useful for everyone to learn English.


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