1.聪明的乌龟 A Smart Tortise

A fox is hungry he is looking for food. He sees a frog in front of him.


“Haha! A frog! My dinner!” so he rushes at the frog.


Behind the fox there is a tortoise. The little tortoise sees it; he bites the fox’s tail.


“Ouch!” cries the fox and he looks back. The frog hears the voice and jumps into water.


“Thank you little tortoise.” says the frog.


But the fox is very angry. “Bother it! I’ll throw you to the sky!”


“Thank you I like flying in the sky” says the tortoise.


The fox stops “I will throw you into the river.”


“Oh no! I can’t swim; I will die if you throw me into the water.” The fox threw the tortoise into the water quickly.


“Thank you Mr. fox. Bye-bye.” The tortoise and the frog swim away together.


2.小偷与他的母亲 The Thief and His Mother

A young man was caught stealing and sentenced to death three days later.


He wanted to speak with his mother before the execution. Of course this was granted.


When his mother came to him he said “I want to tell you something.” He said something but she could not hear.


He whispered again and when she came close to him she put her ear to his mouth. He nearly bit off her ear. All the bystanders were horrified.


“It is to punish her” he said. “When I was young I began stealing little things and brought them home to mother. “Instead ofpunishing me she laughed and said ‘It will not be noticed.‘ It is because of her that I am here today.”


3.我不想走路回家 I don’t want to walk home.

Tom is a very old man. After dinner he likes walking in the street. And he goes to bed at seven o’clock.


But tonight a car stopped at his house. A policeman helps him get out. He tells Tom’s wife “The old man couldn’t find his way in the street. He asked me to take him in the car.”


After the policeman leaves there his wife asks “Tom you go to the street every night. But tonight you can’t find the way what’s the matter?”


The old man smiles like a child and says “I couldn’t find my way? I didn’t want to walk home.“


4.风和太阳 The Wind and the Sun;

The wind and the sun were disputing who was the stronger.


Suddenly they saw a traveler coming down the road. The sun said “Whoever can make the traveler take off his coat will be the stronger.”


So the sun hid behind a cloud and the wind began to blow as hard as it could. As the wind blew harder the traveler wrapped his coat more closely around himself.


Then the sun came out. He shone on the traveler. The traveler soon felt quite hot and took off his coat.


5.棕色外套Brown coat

Mr Smith has a nice brown coat. He loves it a lot. But his wife doesn’t like it because it’s old. She often says “Give it to poor man.” But Mr Smith says “No I like this coat.”


But one day a cigarette falls on it and makes a hole in it. So Mrs Smith says “Please don’t wear it again.” Mr Smith takes it to a tailor’s shop and says to the tailor “Please make another coat like this one.” The tailor does what he is told him and makes a new coat. Then the tailor makes a hole in it again with his cigarette in the same place.


6.一个愚蠢的人 A Foolish Man

A man in ancient times thought he was clever but he always did foolish things.


One day he saw a beautiful bell. It was at the top of a door. “Oh how nice! I will take it home. ”he said to himself. He thought hard. Then he had a “good” idea. “Aha! I can plug my ears. I will not hear the ring.”


He did so but the bell rang. The owner opened the door and asked angrily “What are you doing here?”


7.狐狸和山羊 A fox and a goat

An unlucky fox fell into a well It was quite deep so he could not get out by himself.


A goat came. He asked the fox:”what are you doing? The fox said : “There will be no water so I jumped down to get some water. Why don’t you jump down too?”


The goat jumped into the well.


But the fox jumped on the goat’s back and out of the well. “Good-bye friend” said the fox. “Remember next time don’t trust the advice of a man in difficulties.”


8.找朋友 Looking for Friends

Sam is a little fish. He lives in the sea. He is very lonely. He wants to have a friend. The friend looks like him. Sam sees an ink fish. The ink fish has eight legs. He doesn’t look like Sam. So Sam goes away. Sam meets a shark. He wants to say hello to the shark. The shark opens his big mouth. Sam runs away quickly.

塞姆是一条小鱼,他在海里。他生在海里。他很孤独,想要找一个朋友,那个朋友看起来要像他。 塞姆看见一条墨鱼。墨鱼有8条腿,看上去不像塞姆。因此塞姆游走了。塞姆遇见一条鲨鱼。他想跟鲨鱼问好。鲨鱼张开大嘴,塞姆有迅速地逃走了。

Sam is tired and hungry. He wants to have a rest. Then he sees a round fish. She says to him. “Hello! Would you like to be my friend?”


Sam answers: “Of course! But you are round. I am flat.” The round fish says: “But we are both fishes.


Sam thinks and says ”You are right. Let’s be friends.“ They become good friends


9.牛和狗 The Ox and the Dog

An ox and a dog serve for the same farmer.


One day the dog arrogantly says: “How grand I am! In the daytime I watch out for the cattle in the meadows; at night I guard the house. But you…”


“Me? How about me ?” the ox says。

“我?我怎么啦?“ 牛反问。

“You can only plough or draw a cart” the dog slightly says.


“Yes. It’s true” the ox says. “But if I don’t plough what do you guard?”


10.好孩子 A Good Boy

Little Robert asked his mother for two cents.


“What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?”


“I gave it to a poor old woman” he answered.


“You’re a good boy” said the mother proudly. “Here are two cents more. But why are you so interested in the old woman?”


“She is the one who sells the candy.”






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