五年级英语小故事一:Friends with bears朋友与熊

Once upon a time two young men were walkingalong the mountain trail. They were very closefriends.


But all of a sudden a bear showed up. Shocked theyoung men were looking for a place to hide. Onefellow hid himself by climbing up a tree but the otherone was unable to run away.


When the bear pounced upon him the fellow who could not run away threw himself flat downupon the ground and pretended to be dead. The young man on the ground held his breath andstayed still. The bear coming up to him put his muzzle close to the man and sniffed. “He’sdead. I don’t eat dead meat.”

当熊越走越近时,这人便灵机一动马上躺倒在地上,假装死了。躺在地上的那人屏住呼吸, 一动不动。熊走到他跟前,用鼻子在他脸上嗅了嗅: “这是个死人,我可从来不吃死人的肉。”

The bear left the young man along and went away. After the bear was gone the friend in thetree came down. Wiping away his cold sweat the friend asked “What did the bear say to you?”


“Oh the bear told me” said the other”Not to hang out with a friend who runs away when arisky situation occurs.”

“哦,熊告诉我,以后千万注意,别和那些不能共患难的朋友一起同行。”After hearing him the young man who climbed up the tree alone felt sorry for his behavior.Friends mean being there for each other even when danger comes.


五年级英语小故事二:Three Good Friends三个好朋友

One day a monkey rides his bike near the river. This time he sees a lion under a tree. The lion runs at him. He is afraid and falls into the river.

一天, 一只猴子在河边骑车。这时他看见树下有一只狮子,狮子向他跑来。他非常的害怕,掉进河里。

He can’t swim. He shouts. The rabbit hears him. He jumps into the river. The rabbit swims to the monkey but he can’t help him. Luckily an elephant comes along. He is very strong. He helps the rabbit and monkey.


Three friends are very happy. They go to the elephant’s home. Then three of them become good friends.


五年级英语小故事三:Little mouse小老鼠

It’s a sunny day. A little mouse wants to go out and play.


But he is afraid of the cat . so he peeks and peeks.


He peeks to the left and peeks to the right.


Suddenly the mummy mouse shouts.


“watch out! Watch out! The cat is here the cat is here.”


五年级英语小故事四:The Old Man and the Old Cat老人和老猫

An old man has a cat. The cat is very old too. He runs very quickly. And his teeth are bad. One evening the old cat sees a little mouse.


He catches it but he can’t eat it because his teeth are not strong enough. The mouse runs away. The old man is very angry. He beats his cat. He says: “You are a fool cat. I will punish you!” the cat is very sad.


He thinks:“When I was young I worked hard for you. Now you don’t like me because I’m too old to work. You should know you are old too.”


五年级英语小故事五:Look for a Friend找朋友

Sam is a little fish. He lives in the sea. He is very lonely. He wants to have a friend. The friend looks like him. Sam sees an ink fish. The ink fish has eight legs. He doesn’t look like Sam. So Sam goes away.

塞姆是一条小鱼,他在海里。他生在海里。他很孤独,想要找一个朋友,那个朋友看起来要想他。 塞姆看见一条墨鱼。墨鱼有8条腿,看上去不像塞姆。因此塞姆游走了。

Sam meets a shark. He wants to say hello to the shark. The shark opens his big mouth. Sam runs away quickly. Sam is tired and hungry. He wants to have a rest.

塞姆遇见一条鲨鱼。他想跟鲨鱼问好。鲨鱼张开大嘴,塞姆有迅速地逃走了。 塞姆又累又饿,他要休息一会儿。

Then he sees a round fish. She says to him. “Hello! Would you like to be my friend?” Sam answers: “Of course! But you are round. I am flat.” The round fish days: “But we are both fishes.” Sam thinks and says “You are right. Let’s be friends.” They become good friends.

这时他看见一条圆鱼,圆鱼对他说:“你好!你愿意做我的朋友吗?” 塞姆回答:“好哇!可你是圆形的,我是扁的。”圆鱼说:“但是我们俩都是鱼啊!” 塞姆思考后说:“你讲得对,让我们做朋友吧。”他们就成为好朋友了。

五年级英语小故事六:Naughty Monkey调皮的猴子

It’s very hot.. An old man is asleep on the chair. A fly comes and sits on the end of the man’s nose. The old man has a naughty monkey. He chases the fly.

天气很热。一位老人在椅子上睡着了。 一只苍蝇飞来落在老人的鼻子上。 老人有一只顽皮的猴子。猴子在追打苍蝇。

The fly comes back again and sits on the old man’s nose again. The monkey chases it away again and again. This happens five or six times. The monkey is very angry. He jumps up runs to the garden and picks up a large stone.

苍蝇再次飞落在老人的鼻子上,猴子一再追打苍蝇。 这样往返了五六次,猴子很生气。 他跳着跑到花园,捡起一块大石头。

When the fly sits on the old man’s nose again the monkey hits it hard with the stone. He kills the fly and breaks the old man’s nose.

当苍蝇再次落在老人的鼻子上时,猴子用石头击中老人的鼻子上的苍蝇。 他砸死了苍蝇也打破了老人的鼻子。

五年级英语小故事七:The Panda in China中国熊猫

A panda looks like a little bear. It has black and white fur. It lives only in China so it is called the national treasure of China and protected by the law.

熊猫看起来好像一只小熊。它的皮毛是黑白相间。 它只居住在中国,因此,它是中国的国宝,受到国家法律的保护。

We all see panda on TV or in the zoo. They look stupid and walk slowly but they are lovely and everyone likes them.


A panda is lucky animal. We Chinese like it and people of the world like it too. Now there are China’s pandas in many other countries such as Japan and the USA… A panda isn’t a common animal it is bridge of friendship.

熊猫是个吉祥的动物。中国人民喜欢它,世界人民也喜欢它。现在许多国家都有中国的熊猫,如,日本、美国…… 熊猫不是一种普通的动物,而是一座友谊的桥梁。

五年级英语小故事八:The Ant and the Dove蚂蚁和鸽子

An ant is walking by the river. He looks at the river and says to himself “How nice and cool this water looks! I must drink some of it.” But when he is drinking he slips into the river.”Oh.Help!Help!” The ant cries.


A dove is sitting in the tree. She hears him and throws him a leaf “Climb up that leaf” she says “and you will float bank.”The ant climbs uo onto the leaf and  the wind blows the leaf to the bank. And the ant is saved.


“Thank you Dove. You’re so kind” The ant says and runs home “You have saved my life and I wish I could do something for you Goodbye!””Goodbye!” says the dove “Be careful. Not to fall into the river again.”


After a few days the dove is building her nest. And a man is raising his gun to shoot he. The ant sees this and runs quickly to bite the man’s leg. “Ouch! Ouch!” The man feels pained and drops his gun.


The dove hears and flies away. So the man picks up his gun and leave。The dove comes to her nest. “Thank you my little friend” she says “You have saved my life.”The little ant is so glad because he can help the dove。


五年级英语小故事九:Selling cattle卖牛

n old man is selling a big cow. A young man comes to the cow and begins to look at it carefully. Then the old man goes up to him and says in his ears.“Don’t say anything about the cow before I sell it then I will give you some meat。”


says the young man. After the old man sells the cow he gives the young man some meat and says “Now you can tell me how do you think of the bad leg of the cow。”“好吧。”年轻男子说道。老人卖掉了奶牛,他给了年轻人一些肉并说道:“现在你能告诉我关于这头奶牛有条坏腿你是怎么看的?”

“I didn’t find the bad leg” says the young man. “Then why did you look at the cow carefully?” asks the old man.“


Then young man answers “Because I have never seen a cow and I wanted to know what it looks like。”


五年级英语小故事十:My “smart” dog我“聪明“的狗

Bobby is my dog. I love him. He can roll on the floor. He can play balls with me. He can look after my house when I am out. Bobby is very clever. But sometimes he isn’t. 


One day Bobby runs away. He is out for three days. After he comes back I tie him to a tree and give him some food. Bobby begins to eat. But then he stops.


He sees a fox. The fox is looking at his food. Bobby barks and barks. He wants to catch the fox. But he can’t. The fox runs round the tree. Bobby runs after the fox.


So the rope goes ground the tree. Of course Bobby can’t run. The doc can eat the food. Quickly she eats up the food and runs away.



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